Enhancement of Quality of Life with sustainable Water Resource Management.


  • Design of Water supply and Sanitation network
  • Water Resource management
  • Water shed management
  • Storm water management
  • Design of water Treatment plant
  • Design of sewerage treatment plant
  • U F W studies
  • Detailed Design and Drawings
  • B O Q and Cost Estimate
  • Tender Process / Contract management
  • Construction supervision/ Project management
  • Quality Audit, QA / QC


Project Gallery- Township And Industrial Parks

Sample Project


Sl. Name of Project Client
1 Consultancy Services for Upgradation & Augmentation of Bangalore Water supply & sewerage Project (II) under JBIC Loan no.ID-P165 for Restoration of Roads in Bangalore after laying water lines in Association with NJS- MM-TCE (NMT) BWSSB/ NJS
2 Consultancy Services for Improvements of Lakes in Bangalore Urban District. Dept. of Minor Irrigation. Minor Irrigation Dept./ GoK.